Spirituality: A Dialogue with the Archetypes

This month at Numinous we explore the idea that spirituality is a dialogue with the Archetypes. There are two particular passages (below) where Jung talks about the importance of this dialogue. We will explore how this dialogue happens in different spiritual and therapeutic traditions and look at some practical techniques to use on our own spiritual paths.

From Jung:

meditatioAs the archetypes, like all numinous contents, are relatively autonomous, they cannot be integrated simply by rational means, but require a dialectical procedure, a real coming to terms with them, often conducted by the patient in dialogue form, so that, without knowing it, he puts into effect the alchemical definition of the meditatio: “an inner colloquy with one’s good angel.”46 CW 9.85

Ruland’s Lexicon alchemiae defines meditatio as follows: “The word meditatio is used when a man has an inner dialogue with someone unseen. It may be with God, when He is invoked, or with himself, or with his good angel” The psychologist is familiar with this “inner dialogue”; it is an essential part of the technique for coming to terms with the unconscious. Ruland’s definition proves beyond all doubt that when the alchemists speak of meditari they do not mean mere cogitation, but explicitly an inner dialogue and hence a living relationship to the answering voice of the “other” in ourselves, i.e., of the unconscious. CW 12.390