Follow the yellow brick road

The Wizard of OZ became a popular modern myth from the time of its publication as a book in 1900 and its debut as a film in 1939. It somehow captured the looming change in religious sentiment in the West as people lost their faith in the literal interpretation of their religious stories. The search for the wizard made by Dorothy, the lion, the tin-man and the scarecrow through the debunking of the myth he had built up around himself reflected what was happening in collective psyche at the time. The good news was that behind the tricks and myths of the wizard there lay an archetypal figure who in the end was able to restore courage, heart, mind and home. The real wizard was able to be unleashed.This is a story of hope.

Tonight at Connections we well let the Wizard of OZ illuminate our own spiritual journeys from myth to archetype and in doing so take another step along the yellow brick road!