Connections Meet-up

These groups run for one and a half to two hours and are an opportunity to:

  • Explore the great spiritual myths of East and West. Each meeting explores one major spiritual myth which is complemented by a myth from a different tradition in the second half which offers a different perspective.
  • Discover the connections to our own personal story. Because the great world myths are usually honed over generations by our collective unconscious minds they trigger essential steps in our personal development. These groups help us to make links between the great myths and our own personal myths, experiences and narratives.
  • Be energised by the archetypes at the core of the myths. Myths often initiate our personal quests whether it be for love, meaning or making a difference in the world. Because myth is one of the primary ways we access archetypes spending time talking about them and hearing different ways we each engage with them can elicit a sense of awe and personal energy.
  • Build community through shared story-telling. Joseph Campbell pointed out the shared myths were the glue that held communities together. Sharing the connection between our own personal myths and the great myths of humanity is a great way we can build personal connections with each other.

What happens at a “Connections” group?

We begin with by the reading/telling of one of the great spiritual myths and then discuss how this myth connects with our own stories and personal journeys. The emphasis is on myth as an initiation of the soul rather than a source of beliefs so group members are encouraged to focus the discussion on the way the myths are lived out in our own lives.  Later in the group time we look at a myth from another tradition, with some parallels to the first one, to give a slightly different perspective.

The question we consider is, “How has this myth been reflected in your experience of life?”

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