Archetypes – The Patterns that shape our Spirituality – A 6-week introduction

toflifesmallOver 6 Tuesday evenings, starting on 25th of September 2018, we will be exploring the role of archetypes in our spirituality.
Spiritual expressions take many different forms yet there are a number of basic patterns which are shared across varying traditions: We find the Seer who helps us come to terms with our own fate, the Mystic who calls us to mindful awareness, the Divine-human who reminds us that we are more than just our bodies, and the Healer who restores us.
This six-week course helps us to identify and understand these patterns and discover new ways of developing them. We will explore how the archetypes – the patterns that shape our spirituality – help us to come to terms with the forces of the environment, our relationships, our sense of vocation, our nature, our identity and even our own death.

Time: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Where: St. Paul’s Spirituality Centre, Byron Bay.
Cost: By donation (suggested donation: $10 (concession: $5))
Our intention is that an ongoing group that will meet fortnightly after the initial five weeks to continue this journey

Tuesday 25th September Introductory Talk: Spirituality is Archetypal
An introduction to the ideas covered over the six weeks and an opportunity for you to get an understanding of the nature of archetypes and their role in your spirituality. This would also be a great opportunity for you to check out whether the rest of the short course is right for you.
Tuesday 2nd October: Naming Archetypes
Many magical traditions and spiritualities contain the idea that if we know the true name of someone or something then we can interact more powerfully with them. Naming the archetypes that are shaping our lives and knowing the name of the divine gives us the capacity to relate to them in new ways. Informing Archetype: The Magician
Tuesday 9th October: Ritual Making
Once we name the archetype we can begin a ritual quest journey to embody it. Informing Archetype: The Pilgrim
Tuesday 16th October: Making changes in our lives
When we are stuck in an archetypal pattern we need an equally energetic archetype to help us to change. Informing archetype: The Shapeshifter
Tuesday 23rd October: Navigating our shadow Each archetype has its shadow side which offers us both danger and new life and has to be navigated carefully and courageously. Informing archetype: The Gatekeeper; Hecate
Tuesday 30th October: Shaping the outer world and our future When we hold an archetypal pattern strongly it influences others and the world around us. Informing archetype: Kairos, the archetype of opportunity.

John Power

John P2

John is a spirituality teacher who has worked in schools in Australia and the UK and as an Anglican priest. He has a background in religious studies and philosophy and a long term fascination with archetypes and regularly speaks on the role of archetypes in spirituality.




Sarah Blogg

As a child, I would sit on the roof and look at the stars in the dark of night. I never told anyone as I wasn’t meant to crawl out of the attic window. And there, on the cold tiles, I felt a curious blend of wonder, puzzlement and deep peace—such infinite Mystery! I went on to travel and study myth, symbol and traditions that honour the spirit of the land, sea and sky. I am coming to understand that we are all part of a living mythology, signatures of energy belonging to this world and beyond.