Archetypes: Fulfillment, Connection and Wonder
We are a group of people who are interested in the spirituality and psychology of everyday life. We do this by exploring Archetypes. Archetypes are patterns of experience and behaviour shared across humanity. They are transpersonal, they are shared ways of being to which we give our own individual expression, each of us embodies the hero/heroine, the trickster, the peacemaker, the fighter, the visionary and the storyteller in our own unique way.

We explore the way archetypes provide us with the connections we have with other people. That can be through relational archetypes such as the friend, the lover, the mother/father or the mentor. It can also come from sharing archetypes in our recreational life such as the athlete or actor, the artist or the philosopher. We are also very much about the connections between all of us and are keen on developing on open, embracing group which includes social functions.

We also explore the way archetypes lie at the centre of our spirituality and connect us to the sacred. We are particularly interested in the seeker who leads us on our spiritual journey and our encounters with the archetypes of spirit, the mystic, the divine-human, the creator and the enlightened one. We take an interspiritual approach, which includes those of us who identify as “Spiritual but not religious”.

We are also interested in the archetypes that shape our working lives. The artist, the healer, the teacher, the builder, the helper and the trader offer us paths for vocational fulfilment if we learn the challenge of embodying them in our day to day work life.

Our meetings range from meditation which opens up our awareness of archetypal patterns to practice sessions where we discuss the archetypes and engage them through active imagination, dramatization and creative ritual-making.