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The Green Man

Archetypal Spirituality approaches the realm of spirituality and religion through archetypes. 

Approaching religion through the archetypes, through the great father and mother, through the lover and warrior, through  spirit and rebirth will help you to see and experience the luminous figures that have been at the foundation of most of human’s spiritual endeavors more clearly. You will become increasingly conscious of some of the forces that have shaped your life, your relationships and your spirituality. You will discover a framework for understanding and participating in the world or religion and spirituality that enables you to further access the power and beauty of the archetypes and become and become inheritors of whole history of the human spiritual endeavor.

The traditional way of spiritual practice is mythological – we enter into a world view based on the religious stories within a tradition whether it be Christianity or Hinduism, Wicca or Buddhism. If we are from the West then we may choose to remain agnostic about the religious myths and yet choose to follow the teachings of a religion, this is the way liberal Christians practice Christianity. Many Western Buddhists also practice Buddhism thus way, seeking to live by the teachings of the Buddha while not adopting the mythology of reincarnation; yoga is nowadays often approached this way in the West, doing the exercises without adopting the mythology of the Hindu gods.

Archetypal spirituality allows us to maintain the numinosity of the spiritual world without living within any individual religious myth. We can maintain the power of faith in our lives while accepting all the diverse spiritual paths around us. It allows us to live spiritually without having to submit ourselves to the shadow sides of religion which often undo us; it provides a framework that allows us to sift through the variety of beliefs which flow from these mythologies. If this is your first exploration of archetypal spirituality, I hope you will find it an empowering and enlightening journey as you explore this web site further.

The website is carefully laid out so that you can understand the nature of archetypes and use these insights to shape your spiritual practice. At the bottom of each page your will find a suggested link to the next topic that will build your understanding; alternatively you could go to the sitemap and choose topics which interest you.

May Hermes, guide to the underworld and messenger of the gods, accompany you on this journey.

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